eCRON Informatika

Quality is never an accident: It is always the result of intelligent effort.
eCRON Informatika

eCRON IT Development Services Ltd. was founded in 1995. We design, develop, integrate and introduce software applications that are fully customized to the demands of our customers. Although we have been developing unique softwares for special purposes, eCRON is the developer and exclusive distributor of the artOFFICE and artFLOW document management and workflow product. Our strenghts are:

  • designing and developing unique, fully customized software applications,
  • providing the entire scope of the electronic document management,
  • supporting task flow control with application-workflow software product,
  • integration, introduction and support of complex software applications.

Our experts

The real business value of our company is the continously growing knowledge base of our highly qualified colleauges. Our software developers are experienced, highly educated IT-engineers. The outstanding capability and devoted attitude to their work has been proven by the excellent quality of our systems as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Business policy

Maximum contentment of the customers can not be achived just by providing perfect quality. We belive that our work could only serves customers and gives comfort to their operation if maximum respect to the current task and unconditional effort to eliminate their problem is invested. Our colleauges have extensively to be acquainted with the customer's demand which necessitates mutual cooperation of our experts. We learn first to be able to give ideas, advices, solutions. We do all our bests in order to have our projects not limited just to a strict customer-supplier relation but extended to a long-term real partnership.